What we do

Momint is a start-up that specializes in putting real assets and legal contracts on the blockchain.

Our primary offering is the Momint Marketplace that enables the trade of solar energy, heritage assets and art through advanced and secure blockchain technology.

In March 2022, we hosted Africa’s largest NFT auction where we sold Nelson Mandela’s original arrest warrant for $130,000. These profits helped fund the restoration of Liliesleaf heritage site, thereby protecting historical documents of South Africa’s struggle for democracy.

In January 2023, we launched the SunCash initiative as a cost-effective solution to solve South Africa’s energy crisis.

Through the SunCash platform, individuals can purchase solar cells for as little as R150, and sell their solar energy back to public institutions through a Standard Power Purchase Agreement. This mechanism allows individuals to support renewable energy adoption while earning a forecasted income.

Why Work For Us

Besides definitely being the next African Unicorn 🦄 (as stated by the lead investor of Spotify, Hans Otterling), we are super fun, young and energetic. That being said, we have a high performance fast paced culture of accountability and honesty. We work best with individuals who aren't afraid to speak up and who take criticism well. We also believe in a healthy work life balance, filled with choice and enablement in order to perform at a peak level in the way that you know works for you. We believe strongly in up-skilling and we will work with you specifically to constantly learn and improve any direction you choose.

Other Perks

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